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Daraz Shoping

D2Pro Point Reading Pen English Word Translation Universal Dictionary

D2Pro Point Reading Pen English Word Translation Universal Dictionary

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Electrical outlet

Operating system: Android 8.0
500w pixel back camera: Dual camera high precision pen scan camera
Recognition method: Scanning and photographing in one
General studies: 12 general studies
Headset connection: Wireless bluetooth headset
Device linkage: Supports direct connection to printers
Item bank support: 300 million school item banks
Parent management: Real-time parent management
Learning situation analysis: Accurate analysis, independent push
Review and consolidation: Support the collation of wrong questions, draw inferences from one example, and other review and consolidation functions
Word search efficiency: 0.2s per word
Translation accuracy: 99%, professional level 8 translation
Number of thesaurus: 7.82 million authoritative thesaurus
Body memory 16g (body memory)+32g (t card expansion)
Network connection: Wifi
Local connection: Bluetooth
Rear camera: 500w/auto focus
Sound system: Built-in microphone 1 high fidelity speaker
Operating system: Android
Charging interface: Type-c
Input: 5v=1a
Overall size: 142x38.2x15.5 (mm)

Packing list:
Pen+usb data cable+instructions

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